Kyrus Joins the Casts of “Dogfight”, “Ragtime”, & “Red Velvet”

KKW - DogfightRagtimeVelvet Social

Friends! I am so incredibly excited to tell ya’ll my next theatrical ventures to end 2017 and to kick-off 2018! I’m excited to announce that I have three major productions coming up that I’d love for you to come see!

First and foremost, in November, I will be playing the role of “Boland” in the Kelsey Theatre production of Dogfight. Then in January, I will be stepping back into the role of “Coalhouse” in The Ritz Theatre Company production of Ragtime. And finally, in March, I will be playing the role of “Ira Aldridge” in the ActorsNET production of Red Velvet.

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17 Awkward Situations Everyone in New Jersey Community Theater Goes Through


New Jersey is home to a countless amount of community theaters that actors in the state call home. Each and every day, there seems to be a new set of auditions and performances that keep the theater community buzzing all year.

Unfortunately, as members of the New Jersey community theater community will point out… it’s not all fun. Sometimes, no matter how seasoned we are in the community theater world, we find ourselves in the same awkward situations over and over and over again. Here are 17 Awkward Situations Everyone in New Jersey Community Theater Go Through

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How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes – Part 6 of 6: “Endless Possibilities”


Since the character “Sherlock Holmes” was introduced to the world in 1887, people around the globe have been fascinated with the chance to become just as cognitive and intuitive as he is.

Of course, we need to remember that “Sherlock Holmes” is a fictional character with some “abilities” that may be exaggerated for dramatic effect… but becoming a clear, intuitive/cognitive thinker is not impossible. Here is Part 3 of my 6-part series: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes.

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