Five Good Vibes New Year’s Resolutions We Should All Try in 2020

New Year’s Resolutions are always easier said than done, right? Sometimes we get off on the right foot, but every year, our resolutions seem to take a turn for any number of reasons. Fear not, my friends! Today, we’re going to walk through five #GoodVibes New Year’s Resolutions that you should definitely try in 2020! These resolutions are easy, achievable goals that will have finally focusing on the thing that matters the most next year: you!


1 – Book All of Your Doctor’s Appointments for 2020

As soon as the clock strikes midnight, open up that calendar and book all of your vital doctor appointments for 2020. This includes your general physical check-up, and yes, even the dreaded dentist.


2 – Skip the Elevator, Take the Stairs

My office has an old, rickety elevator that nobody trusts, so this is an easy resolution for me to accomplish. For you, I challenge you to skip the elevator and take the stairs if you can! Whether it’s at work, the mall, etc., taking the stairs can give you a natural energy boost that is equivalent to half a cup of coffee! Additionally, it’ll help you burn some calories as well.


3 – Volunteer in Your Free Time!

If you have some free time in 2020, use some of that time to volunteer in your community. There are so many organizations that are looking for volunteers just like you! Find one that means something to you and volunteer an hour or two a month. You won’t regret it, and on top of that, you’ll be helping others!


4 – Don’t Work Through Your Lunch Break

Lord knows that I am guilty of this and it’s something that I plan on working on. So often, we get so bogged down at work that we work through our lunch breaks… in 2020, let’s find a way to not do that. During your lunch break in 2020, go for a walk, or read a book, or catch-up on that Netflix show you’ve been attempting to binge. Your options are endless… take advantage of that midday break. You earned it.


5 – Write Down How You’re Feeling

This may sound weird, but it’s worth it. Carry around a notepad and when you have a couple free seconds, just simply write down how you are feeling in that moment. Doing this will allow you to take a moment and feel a little bit of compassion for yourself. It will also help you put things into perspective at the end of the day. Take a look at these feelings and see what you can do to either improve or maintain those feelings.


  • Forgive and be patient with yourself.
  • Stay consistent.
  • Celebrate yourself.
  • Remember that each day is a new day!

You Got This!

2020 is going to be a big year for you and me… I can feel it! Let’s make a promise to crush 2020 one day at a time!



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