17 Awkward Situations Everyone in New Jersey Community Theater Goes Through


New Jersey is home to a countless amount of community theaters that actors in the state call home. Each and every day, there seems to be a new set of auditions and performances that keep the theater community buzzing all year.

Unfortunately, as members of the New Jersey community theater community will point out… it’s not all fun. Sometimes, no matter how seasoned we are in the community theater world, we find ourselves in the same awkward situations over and over and over again. Here are 17 Awkward Situations Everyone in New Jersey Community Theater Go Through


17. The Post-Show Audience

Sure, we love getting recognized for a job well done, but there is nothing more awkward than saying “Thank you” … “Thank you so much” … “Aw, thanks” … or something of that variety to each and every audience member that you pass after the show as you make your way to your friends – who are, of course, standing on the opposite side of the theater…

16. Mic Check

When you mic check, your job is simple: Sing one of your lines from the show you’re literally doing in 30 minutes. Unfortunately for us, whenever we have to do a mic check, we forget every line of dialogue and song that we sing… leaving us awkwardly standing there saying, “Umm…” as the sound guy stares at us…

15. We’ve Worked Together Before

Me: “Hi, I’m Kyrus! It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Person I’m Talking To: “We’ve actually done three shows together…”

Me (out loud): “Oh yeah! How are you?!”

Me (inside): “Oh God… who is this person?”


14. The Lone Stranger

Nothing sucks more than being cast in a show where everybody knows each other and is making inside jokes… meanwhile, you’re sitting in the corner scrolling Snapchat stories.

13. I Can Read, I Swear

During that same read through, as you’re reading a line for the first time, in a show you’ve never done, you come across a word that you’re not sure how to pronounce. In an effort to not make it seem like you’re an idiot, without hesitation, you take a stab at pronouncing the word.

As the cast slowly turns their heads toward you, the director calmly corrects your inevitable mispronunciation.

You now hate life.

12. Crack Kills

You’re KILLING the song you’re singing and you KNOW you’re gonna nail that high note during rehearsal while everyone is watching. In fact, you hit it like four times in the car while driving toward rehearsal…

Well… you don’t hit the note. In fact, you crack so much that the people who weren’t paying attention are now suddenly paying attention.

You continue to hate life.


11. I Don’t Like You

Nothing sucks more than doing a show with a person that you know hates your guts. Welp… time to get that Vaguebook status ready.

10. I Like You

During the whole rehearsal process, you’ve been hitting it off with that special guy/gal. They make you laugh, you sit next to each other when the cast goes out… in your mind, there is obviously something special forming here. I think you like them, and they like you…

Come to find out, they’re married and they’re just genuinely a nice person. #Friendzone

9. You’re Ethnic and You’re Auditioning for a White Show

There’s no reason that Curly from Oklahoma can’t be black, right?!

8. You’re White and You’re Auditioning for an Ethnic Show

There’s no reason that Effie from Dreamgirls can’t be white, right?!


7. Off Book

The stage manager wants you off book today. You started studying your lines an hour before rehearsal starts…

May God be with you.

6. My Costume Tho…

The show is going great! The cast is awesome! The band is fantastic! Your costume, however, is from 1943… it was worn by 28 other people… and it’s wayyyy to tight/loose.

On one end, you want to say something, but you don’t want to offend the costumer… on the other end, your boob is definitely gonna pop out.

5. Broke: Part 1

You don’t have any money to buy a DVD of the show.

4. Broke: Part 2

You don’t have any money to go out for a drink after rehearsal.

3. Broke: Part 3

You just don’t have any money… at all.

Cast: “Let’s go out for drinks!”

You: “Yes! Let’s turn up!”

You: *checks bank account*

You: “Actually guys… I’m tired. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


2. Hey, Remember When You Didn’t Cast Me?

Nothing is more awkward than when your friend, who is directing a show that you love, doesn’t cast you in the show you love… and now you gotta act like everything is okay… I mean really, it’s okay… it’s no big deal… I mean, you should know that I love this show… I only talk about it once an hour…  WHATEVER! F*CK YOU!”

“Kidding… what are you directing next?”

1. Your Show Was Sooooo Good!

No it wasn’t… it was terrible, but I’m not gonna say that in front of you. I’ll wait until I’m in the parking lot, shoot my friend a look just to make sure we’re on the same page, and then go about our day.

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