These Are Not Liberal Tears


Numb. That is the best word that can describe me right now. As America, we have chosen the path that I have most feared – a path that scares me and the people around me.

This just feels wrong. When Bush was elected in 2000 and 2004, I wasn’t scared. I was angry, but it was what it was, and I was over it by the time I went to sleep. Today… today just feels wrong. This decision just feels so wrong.

Scared. I am not scared simply because we elected Donald Trump our next president, I am scared that over half the country supported him. I am scared that over half of the country potentially hates me and what I stand for?

I mean… am I wrong? I sat up all night, in the darkness of my bedroom, thinking to myself, “Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe my ‘liberal’ bias is wrong. Maybe I need to change. Are people like ME what’s wrong in this country?”

I quickly came to my senses as I woke up this morning, but the numbness sunk deeper within my body and mind.

To the people who voted for Donald Trump, if you’re reading this – Congratulations on your win. I know that this means a lot to you, and many of you actively worked hard to make it happen. But please know that the tears I am shedding today are not “liberal tears”. These are tears for African Americans, tears for the LGBTQ community, tears for America’s females, tears for immigrants… and so many more. I ask that you please not simplify or generalize my numb to “liberal tears”… I ask that you please understand how scared I am right now.

If you do not understand why I am scared for myself and the people I mentioned above – if you really don’t fully understand – then I pray that God will shine the light on it for you. Please do what you can to unite all of us, not push us away or control us.

To the people who did not vote for Donald Trump and are feeling the same way as I this morning – we need to keep our heads high and push forward. We need to BE THE CHANGE. We need to embrace each other, trust in God, and never give up hope. Let’s vent and get it all out of our system this week, and then start anew. Remember what First Lady Michelle Obama said during the convention: “When they go low, we go high.”

To everyone in America – Let’s be the best version of ourselves and lift each other up. It’s a new day in the world. A day that some of us hate with a passion, but it’s a new day. Stay positive, and smile. 🙂


(PS – Happy Birthday, Tara!)


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