5 Reasons to See “Venus in Fur” This Weekend

Photo by Rich Kowalski

“What do you know about my nature except what you’ve decided about it?”

This weekend and next weekend, fantasy and reality begin to blur as an audition takes an erotic turn in Venus in Fur, the next production inside The Loft at Union County Performing Arts Center. This is a show I’m insanely proud to be the director of, and I cannot wait for people to sink their teeth into this one.

Use the promo code BEFEARLESS and you’ll get 20% taken off your tickets.
Limited seating is available. It is recommended you purchase your tickets in advance.

I’m sure you are wondering, “Okay Kyrus, I’ve been hearing a lot about this whole Venus in Fur thing… what is it about?”


Auditions are over for the day, and Thomas still hasn’t found the perfect actress for his adaptation of a 19th-century erotic novel. Vanda stumbles into the bare rehearsal studio, soaking wet and hours late. Before he can stop her, Vanda strips down to saucy lingerie, wiggles into a white period dress and mysteriously becomes his elusive leading lady. But will the power play for sexual dominance be limited to the stage?

Venus in Fur received critical acclaim for its Broadway production in 2012. The New York Times described it as, “…something darker, stranger and altogether more delicious: a suspense-packed study of the erotics.” It received two Tony Award Nominations for Best New Play and Actress in a New Play with the production taking home the later. Since then it has received numerous productions across the country and even a film adaptation in 2014.

Photo Jun 14, 12 15 23 AM
Photo by KyrusKeenanPhotography

Here are 5 reasons why you should come check out Venus in Fur this weekend:

5 – It’s a Date Night Show

If you and your significant other are looking for something to do, this is the perfect show to pair with a dinner, a nice wine, and a late night excursion. This is an adult show with adult themes, adult language, and adult situations…

Aka, it’s an excuse to hire a babysitter and get away from the kids for a little bit. Maybe it’ll spark some ideas, or reignite some flames. 😉

4 – It’ll Make You Think, It’ll Have You Talking

I am warning you now, Venus in Fur will have you asking questions before, during, and after the events that take place. This was done purposefully by the brilliant playwright David Ives. You’re going to take sides, you’re going to have a different perspective than the person sitting next to you, and after the play concludes, you’ll sit there and say, “Wait… what?!”

You’ll have plenty to talk about afterwards.

Juliana Valente as “Vanda” – Photo by Rich Kowalski

3 – The Sexual Tension

Teasing is a part of foreplay when it comes to sex, and these two characters excel at it. Not only will you see these two characters play out their masochistic fantasies (in a way), but you’ll be a part of the action too. The sexual tension between the “Thomas” and “Vanda” transfers to the sexual tension between the actors and the audience. You’ll be wondering how far they’re willing to go to get what they really want.

2 – Sean Lough & Juliana Valente

This production stars two actors that excelled at their audition, and surpassed all expectations while rehearsing. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with so many talented actors in my day, especially as a director, but I must say that these two artists have raised the bar when it comes to what I expect from the actors I direct.

This is not a musical. It’s a 90-minute tour-de-force with only two people. No music to hide behind, no catchy jingles to dance to… it’s two people in the raw, and it’s so much fun to watch. (Perhaps even uncomfortable at times.)

Sean and Juliana take the script and run with it. There were and are no hesitations. These two will be in your face giving it everything that they’ve got. Every single performance gets better and better, and I guarantee you’ll walk out of the theater wondering how they did what they did for 90 straight minutes.

Sean Lough as “Thomas” and Juliana Valente as “Vanda” – Photo by Rich Kowalski

1 – Because I’m Really Proud of This

Words cannot describe how excited and how proud I am of this show and the team that helped put it together. The main core consisted of only four people – me, my awesome stage manager Samantha Wolf, and the two actors. We worked our asses off and we can only hope that you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed putting it up on its feet.

I also want to extend a special thank you to Fearless Productions, our producers Jared Kelner and Kristin Barber, the UCPAC staff, Rich Kowalski, Patrick Steraga, and Brian Remo. Without your help and guidance, none of this would have been possible. THANK YOU for this exquisite opportunity.

Venus in Fur opens July 8th and runs until July 17th inside The Loft at Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, NJ. If you purchase your tickets online in advance, use the promo code BEFEARLESS and you’ll get 20% taken off of your ticket price! (Limited seating is available. It’s recommended you purchase your tickets in advance.)



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