4200/9300 – “You Can Always Choose Again” (01/14/15)

“You can always Choose Again.”

Some beautiful words that were spoken to me today that I’d love to share with all of you:

“I’ve learned that sometimes you can’t know what to feel or what to do and it SUCKS. Especially when you’re the kind of person who always feels obligated to know those sort of things. But you push on, as impossible as it may seem, and you prove to yourself that you are bigger than all of the confusion, because you have made it this far. Someone once told me something that I carry with me all the time. They said “choose again.” If you don’t like the way you’re feeling, decide to feel a different way, because once your do, you can stop worrying about things you can’t control. That is such a relief because doing that (and I would know) is exhausting. I’m always here for little cheer-me-ups if you need. But if times are too tough, just remember, you can Choose Again.”

I replied to this person by saying, “That was gorgeous. Seriously, I may steal that.”

That person then said, “Do it. Just know that it may take a little bit for your body to start listening to you and what your brain is telling it. Now that’s not to say I’m very good at it all the time, because I’m just discovering it actually works and that I am capable of doing it. Now that I actually believe and know it works, I try and do it as much as I can, and every time I do, I get a little better at it.”

“Choose Again.” Those are such strong words that I’ll be thinking about a lot over of the next couple of days. I don’t know, it just seems like one of those phrases where it’s reassuring and motivating at the same time.

You know who you are. And thank you. As I told you before, I was quite appreciative of your words, and they mean a lot. Honestly, thank you.

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