3900/9300 – “Roses are red, violets are whatever the **** you want them to be…” (01/13/15)


“Roses are red, violets are whatever the f*** you want them to be…”

A poem by Kyrus Keenan Westcott

The title says it all, right? Look, the title says it, alright?
Simply put, roses are red and violets are whatever the **** you want them to be,
Just like you and me, see?
We can either go through life and be what’s expected,
cue the ‘roses are red’ line…
or we can take chances, and be vulnerable and slightly unprotected,
and trust that we’ll be just fine.

Oh… so you’ve noticed that I have censored the word “fuck”?
I knew you were going to bring that up.
It is quite the strong curse word, we must admit,
I was quite afraid, so I resorted to the asterisk.
Ugh… you see? My words aren’t as free.
People have such high expectations of me,
so I have to be careful as to what it is of mine that people see.
I’d hate for my reputation to be dead, all because of a curse word that is read…
…so I adhere to the masses and general expectation…
…like the expectation that a rose will always be red.

Back in the day, when I felt this way, I’d let it get me down.
I’d feel like something wasn’t right, like I had no rights, and I’d have to let my creativity drown.
But then I look around, and I’d remind myself that it doesn’t really matter.
The crowd chatter really, really doesn’t matter.
I always trust myself to do what’s best.
For me and the ones I care for, the ones that care for me … but not the rest.

Though I will always strive to be a role model…

A full throttle role model…

I’ll hop in the saddle and grab the hands of everyone who looks up to me

Anyone who looks to me for even the smallest sense of courage,

courage that is squeezed through the neck of bottle.

A bottle of fear.

I’ll simply lead my life, help whoever follows, and simply be me…
…you see…

because roses are red, and violets are………….

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