3600/9300 – “Returning to the Bee in Putnam County” (01/12/15)

“So I give them a hug… and a juicebox… and I’ll be on my way…”

So it was made official today that I will be performing in a production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee this summer in North Jersey. In 2011, I played the role “Chip Tolentino” in Kelsey Theatre’s production of the show, and a couple years later, I played the role of “Mitch Mahoney” in the MoorArts production in Moorestown, NJ. For this production, which is being produced by the Westfield Community Players in Westfield, NJ, I will once again be playing the role of “Mitch Mahoney” 🙂

Here is the rest of the cast:

  • Kara Wilson as “Rona”
  • Patrick Starega as “Vice Principal Panch”
  • Alicia Anna as “Olive”
  • Nikkii Ashe as “Marcy”
  • Natasha Kurilew as “Logainne”
  • Christopher J. Guell as “Barfee”
  • Louis Joshua as “Leaf”
  • Conor McShane as “Chip”
  • Kyrus Keenan Westcott as “Mitch”

The show is being directed by Brian Remo, choreographed by Patrick Starega, and musically directed by Bruce de la Cruz.

Spelling Bee is such a fun show, and each time that I have done it in the past, it’s been such a unique and rewarding experience, and I am looking forward to another rich, unique and rewarding experience with this production. I definitely have to send a special shout-out to my Bee cast from Kelsey and my Bee cast from MoorArts – those two casts were such a blast to work with, and if this production is even half of what those were for me, then it’d be worth the experience.

I am looking forward to working with these new actors and creative team members that I have never worked with before – that’s definitely the most exciting part. It’s always a great experience to make new friends and colleagues. Looking forward to March when we begin rehearsals 🙂

The show runs the following dates:

  • Saturday, May 9 at 8pm
  • Saturday, May 16 at 8pm
  • Sunday, May 17 at 3pm
  • Thursday, May 29 at 8pm
  • Friday, May 30 at 8pm

The show takes place inside the Westfield Community Players Theater in Westfield, NJ. CLICK HERE for additional ticket and show information!

I hope to see you there! Hit me up if you need more info.

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