2100/9300 – “Je Suis Charlie” (01/07/15)

“Je suis Charlie.”

On Wednesday, in Paris, masked gunmen planned and executed a killing spree. This murderous day led to twelve Parisians being killed, and another eleven injured.

The declaration “Je Suis Charlie,” which means “I Am Charlie” in English, took the Internet by storm today, as there was an outpouring of support for the twelve victims who were killed at Charlie Hebdo, which is a weekly published newspaper that recently caricatured the Prophet Muhammad.

It’s so scary to think about, you know? There has always been violence around the world, especially in the name of religion, but recently, it’s been extremely scary to think about. The fact that people will just kill-kill-kill. It’s so scary. To know that I could be walking down the sidewalk on a normal day, only to have someone who’s having a bad day, murder me at point blank range… it’s sad and it’s scary.

I’m scared.

My hearts and prayers are all of the friends and families of the victims, and I am praying that these fugitives are captured and brought to justice.

You know, watching the latest footage of this and all of the other shootings and killings that are going on, especially here in the United States, it makes it very difficult to sleep. Am I safe when I go to a public place like a restaurant, or a movie theater, or an airport? Am I safe to go out for a casual stroll? Will I be okay?

I trust in God to protect me and my friends and my family, and I know that He will protect me. I put my faith in Him, especially at times like this, when you are not sure what exactly can protect you.

I pray for you tonight France. I pray for your safety and recovery.

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