1200/9300 – “Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow” (01/04/15)

“They call him the Windex Man, cause he’s cleaning the glass!”

That was the first thing I remember Stuart Scott saying on ESPN’s SportsCenter many, many years ago. I believe he was referencing Dennis Rodman’s amazing rebounding capabilities back in his basketball glory days.

“Call him butter, cause he’s on a roll!”

“Vlade Daddi, he likes to party, he don’t cause trouble, he don’t bother nobody.” 

“Call him carwash, cause he’s automatic!”

“Cool as the other side of the pillow.”

I woke up this morning with an ESPN alert on my phone, and it read that Stuart Scott has passed away at the age of 49, after battling cancer.

I was in complete shock. While I knew that he was going through cancer treatments, I never thought the day would come. I remember last year listening to him speak during the ESPY Awards, giving a speech while accepting the Jimmy V Award…

I remember watching that and saying to myself, “Wow… such a fighter. I wish I had that strength and dedication.”

I mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter earlier today, but one thing I’ll always remember about Stuart Scott, was that he was the first news anchor that I ever knew by name. Between him, Rich Eisen and Berman… he was among the first, if not the first anchor that I felt like I knew. He brought something new and fresh to every broadcast, and it was, quite often, the highlight of my day. To the point that me and my friends in school would come in quoting him the very next day in class.

Today, my 300 words are dedicated to a man that I’ve never met, but I feel as though was a part of my life. A role model. An innovator. A fighter.


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