900/9300 – “If I Was In the Same Situation as You” (01/03/15)

“What advice would you give me if I was in the same situation as you?”

My 300 words today are dedicated to an epiphany that I had while talking with a good friend of mine this morning. I asked my friend for some advice on something that has been bothering me. I sent her this text, which would have been at least 10 pages if I was typing it up as a Word document. (If it were any longer, I would have just presented her with a Power Point presentation.) In this text, I went on and on and on about my situation, and I figured she’d be able to point me in the right direction.

When I was finished sending the final text, the three little iPhone dots popped up, then went away, then popped up again, then went away. Finally, after a couple minutes, and a couple clarification texts, she finally wrote me saying, “What advice would you give me if I was in the same situation as you?”

It took me off-guard, because I never really thought of it that way. So often, I give advice and guidance to my friends, but whenever I seek a little advice and guidance, never have I ever thought, “Well, what would I say to myself?”

Just by simply asking me that question, my friend helped me see things a lot clearer. I took her suggestion and gave her advice as if it were her in my situation. And, by God, it helped. So much.

So today, my 300 words are dedicated to you, my friend, for showing that I can, perhaps, trust myself, and words I live by. My only hope is that I could one day do the same for you, or at least try my absolute best. Thank you, so much.

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