‘JEKYLL & HYDE’ Set to Begin its Anticipated Run inside The Broadway Theatre of Pitman

Maggie Griffin-Smith (left) as “Emma” and Rachel Marlowe (right) as “Lucy” in The Broadway Theatre of Pitman’s production of ‘JEKYLL & HYDE’.

Beginning tonight and running through October 5th inside The Broadway Theatre of Pitman, audiences will be treated to one of the most iconic and innovative musicals in Broadway history – Frank Wildhorn’s JEKYLL & HYDE – starring the extremely versatile Michael Padgett in the leading role.

The Broadway Theatre of Pitman, may be located in the small town of Pitman, New Jersey, but it’s no stranger to bringing in BIG time entertainment, especially when it comes to musical theater. And Jekyll & Hyde is sure to give you those anticipatory chills you get when the house lights go out and the first chords begin to play.

JH BAnner
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The cast is led by the young performing veteran Michael Padgett – a proud AEA member who may be making his Pitman debut, but is quite familiar with the role and the show, having wowed audiences before with his portrayal of this historic and coveted role.

Michael is supported perfectly by Maggie Griffin-Smith (“Emma”), a beautiful actress who expertly balances Emma’s quiet demeanor with perfectly timed subtle intensity. And on the other side is the sultry and sexy Rachel Marlowe (“Lucy”), who will give you chills every time she passionately vocalizes Lucy’s struggles and desperation.

Joey Quaile (“Sir Danvers”), Alan James Stentiford (“Utterson”), and Bobby Walker (“Simon Stride”) – all veterans of the New Jersey theatre scene – provide the very important backbone that the show needs to be successful.


And the cast is rounded out by some of the most talented ensemble members you’ll see on a New Jersey stage. Each actor in the ensemble takes the “I’m just as important” approach, and it’s obvious, and it adds so much to the show. As a result, from beginning to end, you will feel invigorated watching every single person on the stage. No matter where you look on the stage, during any number, you’ll be treated so something special visually and vocally.

The ensemble includes – Michael Patrick Gearty (“Spider”), Ed Silberman (“Bishop”), Greg Murphy (“Glossop”), Samantha Jo Dewitt (“Lady Beaconsfield”), Sean Clancy (“Priest”), Michael Gamache (“Proops”), Joe Grasso (“Bisset”), Rusty Miller (“Poole”), and Daniel Schmitt (“Savage”). The show also features Kat Lee, Brielle Rickards, Julie Mercik, Samantha Ricchiuti, and Sara Waite as the Red Rat Girls, and Harrison Webb and Rocco Barbera as Aristocrats.

The show is directed and musically directed by the visionary Bill Yerkes, who does a phenomenal job at capturing not only the show’s most haunting and frightening moments, but the tender, loving moments as well. The blocking is unique and diverse (and far from simple), and the stage pictures he creates throughout the show will be engraved in your memory long after you leave the theater.

The show is produced by John D. Smitherman, the Artistic Director of The Broadway Theatre of Pitman, who has successfully turned the theater into one of the most top-notch theaters in all of New Jersey. A theater  that many performers and musical theater fans want to visit over and over again.

The show is choreographed by Kyrus Keenan Westcott, stage managed by Thomas Guzzi Jr., with technical direction by Alden Wright, sound design by Chris Schenk, props by Candice Nemoff, amazing period costuming by Rusty Miller, lighting and set design by Shawn McGovern, and orchestra coordination by Carmine Bello.

For more information about Jekyll & Hyde, simply visit the official website of The Broadway Theatre of Pitman. The show opens September 12, 2014 and runs through October 5, 2014.


This is definitely a show that you do not want to miss.


Written by Kyrus Keenan Westcott – an avid blogger, producer, writer, and performer in the New Jersey theater world. CLICK HERE to visit Ky’s official website – #LifeOfKy.

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