The Justs, The Rusts, The Trusts, and The Musts – Breaking Down the Type of Friends in My Life

Kyrus Keenan Westcott and Bill Kamps after skydiving.Before I get into this blog topic, I wanted to personally thank all of you who sent their support and advice after reading my previous blog about changing career focuses. So many people via Facebook, Twitter, text message, phone calls, and various other communication devices (I’m looking at you Instagram) contacted me and offered me so many great stories and advice and previous experiences. It is so nice to know these two things:

  1. It’s nice to know that there are so many people who have been through these crossroads before. You shared your stories and experiences and lemme tell you, it was very reassuring.
  2. It’s very nice to know that so many young actors found the blog a great read. They contacted me and told me how important it was for them to read. (I’m actually affecting and influencing young people … uh oh … hide yo kids!)

My blog post regarding the topic of changing career focuses has become my most read blog EVER. I have been blogging non-stop since August and the amount of people that read the blog is incredible. In fact, I am incredibly humbled by the fact that not only did people read it, but some even shared it on their own Facebook wall and/or re-tweeted it and/or e-mailed it to a friend, family member, or colleague.

Since the blog was posted, I now have over 5,000 followers on this blog. (What?! Who are you?! lol thanks for reading ya’ll!) I honestly don’t even think I could even name 5,000 people. :/

I need you all to note though that I am NOT depressed in any way. A couple people wrote me asking if I was feeling down or depressed – some people even suggested I go see a therapist (which is funny because I work part-time at a psychology office lol) … Please know that I am not depressed or downtrodden by any means. I guess I can understand why some people may have thought that I was turning into this emo black guy … but I promise you, I am not. In fact, leading up to that blog, I have never been more determined and happy. For the first time in a long time, I have a general direction that I want to head in. I know what I have to do … and I am now in the process of doing it. I’m happy, I promise! 🙂

My previous blog (which you can read by clicking here) showed me just how great my friends really are…

Ohh…. Friends.

Kyrus Keenan Westcott, Amanda Kohler, and Nicole Mayer.No. Not the TV show with the white people. I am talking about actual friends. You know, those people you Snapchat with … those people that you take with you to see Frozen that way you’re not the creeper in the movie theater … those people that share your random-ass SVU passion with … yes, THOSE friends.

We need those friends in our lives, right? Short answer – yes. Personally, I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of different types of friends in my life. Some of these friends I met while in school, some of them I have met at the jobs I have worked, some of them I met by accident in a ShopRite parking lot (long story … ask me about it if you really want to know … let’s just say it involves shopping carts and cereal … like I said, long story) … some friends I met while doing shows and performing … some friends I met through family … shit, I even have friends that I don’t even like (don’t we all?).

We ALL have friends from all over the place. Recently, after being contacted by so many people in regards to my previous blog, I realized that I can actually group my friends into four different categories (I think we can all relate to this in some fashion):

  • My JUST Friends
  • My RUST Friends
  • My TRUST Friends
  • My MUST Friends


C’mon, this one is fairly straightforward. To me, a “Just Friend” is just a person that I see every now and then. Usually this is a person that you KIND OF enjoy their company, but other than a random “like” on Facebook or a random awkward run-in at Kohl’s (a run-in in which you cannot exactly remember their name – “Heyyyyy… you!”), you have no intention of getting to know that person any way more than you already do.


Ah, see this is a tough group of friends. A “Rust Friend” is a friend that you have known for a very, very long time. These friends whom you’ve known for the longest time are not going to get any closer than they are right now. You were close at one point, but now, things are kind of starting to fade away … and you don’t feel THAT bad about it. (Does that make you a terrible person? Nah … well, maybe … *thinks* … nah it doesn’t.)


Ooooooo now we are starting to get a little warm and fuzzy with our friendships now. A “Trust Friend” is … umm … well … someone you … uhh … trust. This friend is not necessarily in your closest group of friends, but you do share a weird inside joke about Degrassi with them or something weird along those lines (Degrassi? Really, Ky?). This is a friend that you can trust with a secret about the way you lost your virginity, but not necessarily with the secret of what happened in Chicago with that prostitute named Chocolate Factory. (Once again … long story.) These “trust friends” are also people that have the potential to eventually become one of your…


Ahh, these are friends that you MUST have in your life, otherwise you’ll be miserable. These are the people that you call when you (umm…hypothetically) have a run-in with Chocolate Factory in Chicago. These are the people that you will GLADLY share a box of Popems with (big deal amongst my close friends).

These “must friends” are the people that exude emotional, spiritual, and sometimes even physical connections with you. These friends cheer you up when you’re down … jokingly bring you down when you’re on your pedestal … share their most personal and pleasant moments with you …

I am thankful for every single last one of these friends in all four groups, I really am. They are the reason that I am the person that I am today. I love you guys! I really do!

Stay warm friends!


One thought on “The Justs, The Rusts, The Trusts, and The Musts – Breaking Down the Type of Friends in My Life

  1. I don’t know where/if I fit into any of these and I didn’t comment on your last post because so many of those who had been where you’ve been already gave you great insights and advice. I have not been there with regarding to acting, but I can share this.

    Be true to yourself Ky and don’t live your life in any way other than how you want to. Don’t live it for your family or your friends or because of some external expectation. Live it for you–make your mistakes and your victories and learn from all of it and love yourself for all the complications you are. Your just/rust/trust/must friends will love and respect you for it too.

    Luv you!

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