#lifeofky – Day 49 through 51 – “Made a Little Girl Cry, Made a Little Boy Pee”

Hey everybody! Here’s an update… we’ll start with Sunday…

Sunday, September 29 (Day 49) – “House Managing”

+I spent my Sunday doing three things… Number 1, I spent my Sunday Asst. House managing both the matinee and evening performance for Gettin’ the Band Back Together at George Street Playhouse … Number 2, I spent my Sunday angry at the Cowboys for blowing a good lead against the Chargers and losing … and Number 3, I spent my Sunday crying over the fact that my fantasy football team BLOWS this season.

+After the Sunday evening performance, there was too much smoke from the smoke machines in the theater. As a result, our smoke alarms went off, automatically calling the fire department … welp … stuck at work for another 30 minutes since we had to evacuate the building… -__-

The firetrucks arrive at our theater to make sure it's safe...
The firetrucks arrive at our theater to make sure it’s safe…

+During the Sunday evening performance, I had the chance to meet Wesley Taylor … you know, the sassy gay friend from Smash. He came to see our show! Afterwards, it seemed as though he enjoyed it. If you are not familiar with him, here is a pic of what he looks like…

+Also, if I may brag for a second … I feel so fortunate that I get to spend most of my days with the wonderfully talented Mitchel Jarvis. He is the star of Gettin’ the Band Back Together, though you may know him from Rock of Ages on Broadway, or as the guy from the weird Keystone Light commercials… here is a pic…

Monday, September 30 (Day 50) – “New Kid and First Day of Big River Tech”

+Monday was a fairly easy day for me. We were called at like 6am or something :/ … but on the other end, I was finished with GSP at 12pm that day … I spent the rest of my day catching up on tv and doing much needed catch up on the freelance writing I do for extra money.

+At 6:30pm, I went to Kelsey for my first night of tech for Big River. Lots of work to do, but I think the show is really going to be great. If you are interested in buying tickets, CLICK HERE.

+I watched “Sleepy Hollow” and “Agents of SHIELD” … I loved both shows!! Check them out if you get the chance.

Tuesday, October 1 (Day 51) – “Tears and Pee”

+Today, we performed New Kid twice. The first performance went swimmingly well, and the second performance did too … BUT, during the second performance, not only did we make a little girl cry… but we made a little boy pee his pants…

Let me explain…

In the show New Kid (the play that’s in another language), I play a really mean bully named Mug. In one of the scenes, I beat the living crap out of the two “good guy” characters, Nick and Mencha. In this scene, this little girl got legit frightened of my character and ran to her teacher, crying her face off. After the show, I approached the little girl and introduced myself, and I explained that it was just a character I was playing, and I wasn’t like that in real life … I made a silly joke, and I made her smile…

…everything was all sweet and nice and cute… and then a kid peed his pants…


Not sure why, but he did it right in the middle of where we were performing…


+After work, I drove straight to Day 2 of Big River tech. We did a full run. It’s gettin’ there! What is making this show so much fun is the fact that I get to sit in the pit with Jaimie, Aimee, Gilch, and Shannon … we are all goofballs … I friggin’ love it.

Other Stuff

+Tomorrow (Wednesday), I have my first put-in rehearsal for A Chorus Line … I am really scared!! AH!

+My throat is starting to hurt 😦 I think I may be getting a little sick.


+In Big River, the word “nigga” is said a lot … so much so, that the show could easily be mistaken for a weird, country rap song.

Alright … I think that’s it for today … I’ll catch you guys soon!

PS – Upcoming blog entries will include: my Perry Awards commentary, Part 2 of my Hamilton Twp. mayorship plan, and some other cool topics! Stay tuned!


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