#lifeofky – Day 22 – “Doin’ Labor … On Labor Day … Whooda Thunk?”

I had to start teaching myself how to skateboard today... #theaterprobz
I had to start teaching myself how to skateboard today… #theaterprobz


+Happy Labor Day everybody! I hope that you all enjoyed your Labor Day festivities. I was stuck inside all day, safe away from the torrential downpours that was happening all across the state of New Jersey. I hope everybody stayed safe and enjoyed their day off … if you had one. If you didn’t it was most likely because you were a tour actor at George Street Playhouse. -__-

+We started rehearsal at 9:30am. I arrived at 9:00am, mainly because Route 1 had no other cars on the road due to the holiday. Apparently, I was the only person in the world working in the north Jersey area. I technically wasn’t called until 10:30am, so I spent an hour and a half going over my lines for New Kid, you know, the show where I have to learn another language. I memorized by first scene completely! KWEESINART! (That means “awesome” in the show.) Now, only the final 75% of the show, and I’ll be set! -__-

+After New Kid, we focused on the musical that we learned “Austin the Unstoppable”. For not touching this musical in about a week or two, I feel as thought it went really well. I know that the more times we run it, the more moments we find and the more comfortable we get. Our first performance of Austin in September 24 or something like that, so we are in pretty good shape. We are working on the show again tomorrow (Tuesday) and then we don’t touch it again for another week.

+Oh, so I meant to tell you… today, I started teaching myself how to skateboard! For New Kid, my character has to skateboard (of course -__-) … now, I have not been on a skateboard since middle school, and even back then I SUCKED. So today, I started teaching myself how to skateboard … lol here is a video of me early in the skateboard learning process:

+Since then, I am really starting to get the hang of it … though I am getting too old to be on a skateboard… #justsayin

+Our director for New Kid, Jim Jack, bought us all lunch today as a thank you for coming in to rehearse on a major holiday. He is so incredibly nice and a great guy overall. Thanks Jim!

An example of the language I have to learn for GSP.
An example of the language I have to learn for GSP.

+After GSP, I drove home. I was a little tired. I then found out some friends of mine were getting together for a last minute Labor Day bbq. So I went over, ate some delicious bbq’d treats and watched Louis CK’s latest HBO special: “Oh My God” … which is hilariously funny. #ofcourse #butmaybe

+Afterwards, I came home, watched Fox News Live, blogged, and now I am heading to bed. It is going to be a VERY, VERY long week.

Gnite ya’ll… I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

#supportbeam #punk #themainreason


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