#LIFEOFKY – MY LIFE AS AN ACTOR – DAY 9: “Either Something’s In The Air or Else a Change is Happening in Me”

+Woke up at 7am… I immediately checked my NJTransit alerts to make sure that New Jersey Transit didn’t decide to move to California to follow it’s dream to become a dramatic actor in Hollywood. In fact, I’ll be honest … I checked the alerts once every 10 minutes.

+My plan today, and for the future is this: I will catch the 8:32am train out of Hamilton. If the trains is not IN the station by 8:40am, I am leaving the station, hopping in my car, and driving to GSP. I know, it’s extreme and very specific, but I really gotta have a plan like this, just in case something were to happen. #neverlateagain

IMG_0658[1]+I was dropped off at the train station and it could not have gone any more smoothly. Train was on time and I was in New Brunswick by 9am. #perfect.

+As I exited the train, I started walking down the stairs of the station. As I was walking down, I saw someone who looked very familiar to me. It took me a second, but I was like, “Holy moley! That’s Steph Cowan!” I blurted, “Steph!” She looked up and noticed me and waved hello with a big smile. She was on an escalator, and I was walking down the stairs, so stopping to talk wasn’t possible. By this point, she was pretty much near the top, and I was at the bottom. I yelled, “I’ll hit you up on Facebook and say hi! I gotta run to work!”

+As I started to exit the train station, I thought to myself, “Okay, I am a half hour early to work, and I just saw somebody that I haven’t seen or talked to in almost five years.” … after a brief pause, I ran back up the stairs to say hi. I caught her and we chatted for about a minute or two, and took the picture on the left. It was very nice to see her! Steph, if you’re reading this, good luck in your final year of college! I am sending you nothing but good vibes! Enjoy it!

+I got to GSP around 9:10am. I sat on the couch in the green room and caught up on some Internet happenings. I was the first of the cast members to arrive, and as I sat there waiting for my day to begin, my boss (the one who I had the talk with yesterday) walked by me. (He soooo noticed I was there nice and early today!) “Hey Ky!” he said as he walked by. #score! #gottakeepthisupthough

+Our day started off a little rough. Not in a bad way, but in a sweaty way. We had to move one of our sets from the main building to another rehearsal space next door. The set pieces and props are very heavy and it didn’t help that it was muggy and moist outside. I was sweating up a storm by 10:30am…


+At 10:30am, we started putting our 2nd of 4 shows up on its feet. It is a difficult show because it is 75% gibberish. But like, written gibberish. It’s like a complete new language that I have to learn in a week. #drivingmecrazy #hardtomemorizegibberish

+At one point during the day, we stopped rehearsal temporarily to go meet the Assemblyman of Somerset and Middlesex counties. His name is Upendra J. Chivukula and he IMG_0659[1]stopped by GSP for a meet and greet with the cast and staff of the theater and touring company. He was a very nice man who offered to help secure more funding for GSP. He was more than happy to take a picture with me for my blog. 🙂 (You know, the one you’re reading right now.)

+We spent the rest of the day painstakingly getting through our show. It is very difficult and the cast is working hard. There is no doubt that this one is very tedious and difficult. And at some point during the rehearsal process, you could see it starting to affect some of us. It drained a lot out of us and we still have a long ways to go. But we’ll get there.

+A brought my lunch from home (chicken alfredo), but for my lunch dessert, my castmate and I went to go get some Starbucks and frozen yogurt.

+After our day ended, I sprinted to the train station to catch the 6:12pm train back to Hamilton. I made it with about 2 minutes to spare.

+I was picked up in Hamilton and driven to Kelsey Theatre to rehearse Forum. Tonight’s rehearsal was pretty much the same as last night. Once again, it’s difficult without John Z. there, but Matt South filled in very nicely once again. I believe John Z. returns from vacation at some point next week.

+After rehearsal, I came home, organized some things, wrote this blog and I am currently heading to bed. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I have to go over my lines and music for the musical that GSP is doing because we’re reviewing that tomorrow for the first time this week. Hopefully everything will turn out okay with a run.

Alright, I believe that’s it. Gnite everybody! I’ll talk to you tomorrow!



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