=>Woke up at 7:45am this morning. My plan in the morning was to drive up at 8:30 and make it to GSP by 9:30am. Once again…. things DID NOT work out that way. I accidentally slept until 8:50am. I took a quick shower, and was on the road by 9am. Of course, I hit traffic on the way there AND I got pulled over. (No ticket though, thankfully.) I didn’t get to GSP until 9:50am… whoops.

=>Today at GSP, we started putting our musical up on its feet after two days of learning the music. We got through about halfway before calling it a day at 3:30pm.


=>Above is a picture of one of my song lyrics … keep in mind that this, in fact, a show for children… #thiswillresultinconfusedchildren

=>During our lunch break today, the cast had a meet and greet with the entire GSP staff. They fed us a very nice food tray and we all went around and introduced ourselves to this kick-ass staff. I am so happy that I get to spend the next 9 months with these folks.

=>Once things settle down for me after Forum, Big River, and A Chorus Line, I will be working at that theater non-stop. Mostly box office and house management-ish work. In the future, I’d love to join their office staff!

=>I really gotta get off book with this GSP stuff. They don’t want us to be off-book yet, but it would make blocking these physical scenes a lot easier.

=>Our cast and crew may be having some quality bonding time in New Brunswick after work on Friday… #kindaexcited!

=>After GSP, I drove home. I got back to the house by 4:30pm. I ate dinner, took a quick nap, and then headed to Delaware for A Chorus Line rehearsal.

=>On the drive to ACL rehearsal, I began working on “Louder Than Words”, the song I am singing at the Kamps’ cabaret on Saturday.

=>At ACL rehearsal, I learned about 45% of the montage (“MONTAGE!”). Then we reviewed the ballet combination in the opening number, and reviewed the tap number. #physicallyexhausted

=>Fortunately, the ACL rehearsal ended at 9:30pm, which meant that I’d get home by 10:30pm.

=>Rob, the guy playing Ritchie that I am understudying for, is very nice and helpful. He is helping me through this entire process. ACL is a hard show to do once, but to do it again with COMPLETELY different choreo is even harder. #tryingmybest

=>When I got home tonight, I made myself a nice grilled cheese sandwich and had a cold beer. I just finished watching The Daily Show, and I’ll be laying in bed once I close my laptop to finish watching Colbert.

=>I really gotta make it to work on time tomorrow… like, seriously.

Alright, that’s it for tonight … gnite mofos 🙂


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